Mobile Network Planning
 & Consultancy
ACE had been providing mobile network planning service and consultancy since 2003 and most of our customers are mostly from Indo-China region. ACE can always do in the process of Accuracy, the spirits of Commitment d the work of Excellence.
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We, ACE, are the exclusive distributor of Remotek's product. Remotek repeaters are the certified products authorized by the Directorate General of Telecommunications, Taiwan. Remotek has researched, developed focusing its core business on solutions and products for RF communication. Products include band selective repeaters, channel selective repeaters, fiber optical repeaters.
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  RF Components  
  ACE has a solid resourceful team specialized in the field of RF wireless communication technology and many years of great experience to source and develop for various new products that cater to your requirements and needs, ranging from antenna indoor, outdoor, Yagi, omni ceiling, panel coupler cavity, Wilkinson splitter cavity, Wilkinson to sophisticated repeaters. We also provide RF passive components including antenna, coupler and splitter and so on.
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