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airPoint XO Series

The smartBridges airPoint XO products are LongRange™ , IEEE 802.11b compliant Access Point devices for deployment of Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWANs).  The airPoint XO products address four key areas that are of vital importance in any WWAN  network: Subscriber Bandwidth Management, Advanced Networking Capabilities, Remote Infrastructure Management and, Carrier-Class Reliability.

airPoint XO, the first product in this series is an access point with built-in subscriber bandwidth management and RADIUS client for access control. This product is ideal for deploying large WISP networks and Public Access Hotspots. The rugged form factor and PoE allows simple unobtrusive installations.  

airPoint XO2, the second product, is a dual-radio device that offers all the features of the airPoint XO. In addition, the modular control of radios enables many different configurations. The airPoint XO2  can be used in high performance Cell Extender configuration for deploying low cost backhaul solution. It can be used as two Access Points in a box for simultaneous use to support large number of users or it can also be used as a highly reliable Access Point with Hot Standby for redundancy. The multimode functionality offered by airPoint XO2  is unrivalled and simplifies the deployment of Wireless Wide Area Networks.

The airPoint XO series provide a two-layered protection through the IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE Outdoor for regulatory compliant installations. The radios are supported by multiple Network Processing Elements to handle heavy network loads. These devices can be remotely configured, monitored upgraded, reset and even power cycled, thus allowing ease of maintenance.

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