smartNIC2™ - Broadband USB Adapter

Installing the broadband subscribers in the field, at the customer premises is a challenging task. There are many types of the computer configurations and many versions of the operating systems being used by the subscribers. There are millions of consumers with the older bug ridden versions of operating systems. Installing and configuring networking protocols in these computers can be a daunting task even for the experienced technicians. smartBridges has addressed this issue with the smartNIC2 and the simpleConnect software.

Now the networking can be installed in the computer under 1 minute even without cracking open the computer case. Even inexperienced subscribers can do the self-installation.

Sporting the trendy lifestyle design, smartNIC2 is a second generation, cost optimized Broadband USB adapter. This external Plug & Play network adapter plugs directly into the USB port of the computer.

  • smartNIC2 being an external adapter, removes the need to open the computer case to install the traditional internal NIC
  • State of the art hot plug & play USB technology ensures there are no headaches with the complex IRQ conflicts and settings
  • smartNIC2 adapter draws its power from the USB port of the computer, eliminating the hassles associated with the power adapters
  • Easy Installation with One-Click simpleConnect(tm) Software
  • Installation time of less than one minute
  • Software drivers have gone through rigorous checks and compliance testing to insure trouble free operation on different computers and operating systems

The smartNIC2 works with smartBridges One-Click simpleConnect Installation software. The proprietary simpleConnect One-Click solution does away with the need for the complex networking configuration screens, original Windows CD or even a reboot during installation. This software performs a single click installation to connect the PC to the broadband network. With this software, the broadband service can be setup in less than a minute, without even a reboot. The installers do not even have to fumble for the subscriber's copy of the original Windows CD to complete the service installation. Broadband service providers are fast realizing the that simpleConnect reduced user frustrations, technician costs and costs associated with truck-rolls.


  • Simplest Networking solution in the market. Total setup time under one minute
  • Simple one-click self-installation. No need for costly and time-consuming technician visits
  • Software drivers for all major operating systems - Win 98, Win ME, Win 2K, Win XP and Linux (Kernel 2.4)
  • Hot Plug & Play technology eliminates configuration and setup headaches
  • Avoid opening the Computer case; breaking the warranty seal and comsumer liability issues. External adapter directly connects to the computer's USB port
  • Powered by the USB port of the computer. No additional power supply required


Software Drivers are supplied for Win 98, WIN ME, Win 2K, Win XP and Linux (Kernel 2.4) to support the TCP/IP protocol.
USB Interface Spec v1.1 compliant
Ethernet Interface ISO8802/3, IEEE 802.3D, RJ-45 connector for UTP or STP cable (Cat 3 or 5), Maximum length 100m. 10/100BT
Operating voltage 5 V (derived from the USB port on the PC), Active Current - 120 mA
Data Transfer rate 6 Mbits/sec
Safety Agency Certification CE Mark, VCCI, CTick, EMC Emissions - FCC Class B
Operating Temperature 0 deg C (32 F) to +65 deg C (150 F)
Relative Humidity 10 to 90% non-condensing
Size 95.5mm x 33.4mm x 21.3mm Weight - 45 grams
Model Number sB1600
Unit Weight 60 Grams
Shipping Weight 90 Grams

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