simpleNMS™ - Advanced Network Management System

A critical task for any Wireless Broadband Service Provider is to monitor subscriber devices to ensure the satisfactory performance. In case of any problems, the service provider requires tools to remotely access the device and change configuration parameters. This capability ensures that the network is scalable and easily manageable without the costly truck-roll outs.

smartBridges philosophy is to provide simple to deploy and easy to maintain wireless equipment. The simpleNMS™ is a network management software for monitoring and managing an entire Wireless LAN infrastructure.

The simpleNMS™ enables you to manage, troubleshoot and configure smartBridges Access Points, Indoor and Outdoor Client devices (CPE) easily, cost-effectively, and remotely from anywhere in the world. You can Control, Update and Configure the network devices via a single Graphical User Interface (GUI) to view the network in a topological view. The software helps manage either individual or a group of devices.

Manage Your Wireless Network With A Single User Interface From Anywhere In The World

The simpleNMS™ enables you to view all wireless devices via Auto Discovery or by IP address and includes the ability to search for device by IP address or device type/status. With remote reboot of device and support for remote point-to-point diagnostics for monitoring, simpleNMS™ delivers comprehensive, robust and cost-effective wireless network management.

Save Time Managing Your Wireless Network Through Group Management

Are you tired of uploading new software images individually to each device or re-typing configuration parameters for multiple devices? The simpleNMS™ performs firmware updates and configuration changes for any size network via group updates. Administrators can store and check configuration data of any device for reference and implement system restore via easy-to-use templates.

Detect Potential Problems In Your Wireless Network Infrastructure

Every network administrator knows that it’s best to prevent problems before they are reported. smartBridges simpleNMS™ enables you to do it right, by constantly monitoring the state of your wireless infrastructure. The simpleNMS™ provides the seamless integration with the industry leading network monitoring tools like MRTG.

Features ...
  • Auto Discovery of smartBridges wireless devices on the network.
  • State of devices and alarms.
  • Single or group devices session management for firmware updates, configuration, reboot of devices. Store and check device configuration data for reference and restore.
  • Graphical monitoring of Real Time Data based on selected parameters from selected devices.
  • Seamless interface with MRTG.
  • Runs on a standard Windows PC. No special setup is required.

simpleNMS is a complimentary software program available to our qualified customers only.

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