simpleDeploy™ - Subscriber Deployment Solution

simpleDeploy™ is a part of the software series that are being introduced by smartBridges to help in large scale deployment and management of our radios.

The simpleDeploy™ is a Windows based application to configure the smartBridges radios with the default operating parameters. The one click configuration of device simplifies the field installations and result in significant cost reduction of the deployment costs. This automated method helps bring in consistency in the installations, reduce deployment time and improve quality.

All the operating parameters for the proper operation of the smartBridges device (e.g. ESSID, Channel #, WEP key, IP #) are "burned" into the device as the default parameters. In case of any operational difficulty with the subscriber’s service, the user can simply press the hardware reset button on the powerShot to restore the user defined WISP configuration parameters. This simple action can be useful to quickly restore the service outage and avoid a truck roll.

In order to streamline the subscriber deployment, multiple devices can be pre-programmed at the WISP office and sent to the subscriber by a courier service. Now it is possible for the subscriber to do a self-install. Another accessory smartNIC2 (Broadband USB Adapter) simplifies this even more for users without Ethernet NIC installed in their computers.

simpleDeploy™ provides the facility to store the Operator specific data like, WISP name and customer_id inside the device for identification purpose. The configuration parameters of all the programmed devices are recorded in a database file and can interface with any inventory management system.

Features ...

  • Auto Discovery of smartBridges wireless devices on the network.
  • All the device default parameters can be specified in the WISP configuration file.
  • Download all the default configuration parameters into radio device in a single click.
  • The Configuration Log (database) is generated for all of the configured devices.
  • Provides easy and simple graphical interface.
  • Runs on a standard PC. No special setup is required.

simpleDeploy is a complimentary software program available to our qualified customers only.

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