QUALITA - Customer-centric Measurement of End to End Quality
 In the last few years as mobile markets have matured and the costs of sourcing new subscribers have risen sharply, mobile  operators have shifted focus from new acquisitions to retention of existing subscribers and preventing churn. Controlling quality  across the network is considered as a critical advantage in this regard as it enables mobile operators to differentiate and deliver  optimum services within a competitive market.
  The mobile operator benefits by introducing the concept of 'QoS (Quality of Service) Management' as users and services can  be monitored and optimized leading to retention of high value users. In addition to this, QoS enables best use of network  resources as required by the service and as subscribed by the user. The ability to offer a guaranteed high QoS also enables  operators to differentiate themselves from other competitors by creating service packages suited to user requirements.  Complexity of measuring QoS has increased in packet based mobile networks (GPRS,3G) because of integration of mobile  networks with IP networks. In order to offer guaranteed QoS against the 'best effort' QoS as offered by Internet, quality  parameters like delay, packet Loss, throughput etc. must to be continuously monitored per service type to meet the customer's  expectations.
 Quality of Experience (QoE) is also an important concept for understanding the exact experience of a customer when using the  services of a network. From an end-user's perspective, quality is generally understood as availability and accessibility of service,  speed and clarity of communication. These attributes are extremely important to measure in order to understand a customer's  Quality of Experience (QoE).
Key benefits of Qualita include:

Measures end to end quality with a customer-centric approach
A powerful multi vendor, multi technology, Unix based platform for analysing Call Detail Records
Unique Qualita Level based method for quantifying Quality
Comprehensive GIS view of quality over Webwizard (Aircom's Web GIS Tool)
Provides key marketing information to gain better understanding of customer needs and customer behaviour
Powerful drill-down analysis application resolves QoS degradations at an engineering level
Flexible SLA (Service Level Agreement)/ SLO (Service Level Objective) manager that allows monitoring QoS (Quality of    Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) offered to subscribers, locations, services and terminals
Highly flexible benchmarking allows customisation of QoS/ QoE benchmarks
Vigilant Alarm Management System allows prevention of QoS/ QoE degradations and SLA / SLO violations
Availability Alert Manager keeps maintenance and repair of network in control
KQI (Key Quality Indicator) Manager offers creation of custom KQIs and benchmarks
Crystall Reports based QoS Counter degradation report QUALITA levels in a SLA-defined area for an Interactive service (GIS view) QUALITA levels over a period of time for Video Streaming in a selected area
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