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Wireless to Ethernet Clients - airBridge™ Series

airBridge™ is the best Customer Premise Equipment in the market today. It can support up to 64 computers on the wired interface. airBridge allows remote management of the device to eliminate expensive truck rolls in the field. It is available in three form factors – Stylish Indoor, Rugged Outdoor product to withstand temperature extremes and a TOTAL product with integrated antenna for a one box convenience. These form factors meet the requirements for all different wide area wireless network installations.

airBridge™ Indoor - Cost Effective CPE

The airBridge™ Indoor Wireless Ethernet Client is a simple to use device. This unique device plugs into the Ethernet port of any equipment and instantly connects it to the wireless network. Just plug the LAN cable from any equipment in to the airBridge’s RJ45 socket - instead of the wall socket. The equipment connects instantly to the wireless LAN network. There are no drivers to load and no configuration settings to make. This simplicity of operation makes it ideal for many different applications.

airBridge™ Outdoor - Rugged high performance CPE

The airBridge™ Outdoor is built to deliver reliable wireless performance in harsh environmental conditions. It offers the ground-breaking LongRange™ radio housed in a compact weatherproof NEMA 4X enclosure. The industrial grade electronics deliver reliable performance in all climates, withstanding temperature extremes of -40 C to +65 C (-40 F to +150 F). airBridge™ Outdoor has been FCC certified with many antenna configurations normally used by Wireless Operators. This provides a much needed flexibility to choose the right antenna with the pattern and gain characteristics to conform to local regulatory requirements.

airBridge™ TOTAL - Convenient all-in-one CPE

The airBridge™ TOTAL is a convenient all-in-one CPE device with integrated 13dBi antenna (9dBi for Euro version) . It is an ideal solution for the Wireless ISP. The airBridge TOTAL simplifies all aspects of wireless installations to quickly get users online.

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