powerShot™ - Power over Ethernet

powerShot™ supplies power to PoE enabled devices with an Ethernet port where power requirements do not exceed 15 Watts. powerShot™ allows users to mount devices such as airBridge™ and airPoint-PRO™ anywhere (on ceiling, wall, or roof) without a nearby electrical outlet. (Using a separate 18V DC power adaptor), powerShot™ can link a computer to an airBridge™ device using an Ethernet CAT5 cable with a reach up to 100 meters. The powerShot™ surge protection circuit prevents damage from over voltage caused by ESD (Electro Static Discharge), EFT (Electrical Fast Transients) and Lightning.

smartNIC2™ - Ethernet to USB Converter

Sporting a trendy lifestyle design, the cost-optimized smartNIC2™ is an external Plug and Play Broadband USB adapter. It eliminates the need to open the computer case to install a traditional internal NIC. The smartNIC2™ Plug and Play technology prevents any headaches with complex IRQ conflicts and settings.

Flexible Window Mount

The Window Mount is designed to ease the installation of smartBridges Indoor CPE devices; the airBridge airNIC and the airPoint. The Window mount provides a three-way flexibility of mounting the indoor device to suit aesthetic and electrical requirements. The Window Mount is sold as a separate accessory and has its unique part number (sBWMNT 2100). It weighs about 50 gms and can hold devices weighing upto 1 Kg.


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