Manufacturing at smartBridges

Implementing cutting-edge technology in design and manufacturing is a key priorityat smartBridges. A product that is well-designed must also be manufactured well to achieve its full potential. smartBridges considers this responsibility a very critical one. Choosing the right manufacturing facility, choosing reliable suppliers,
implementing strict quality control are some of the many steps in this complex process.

Towards this objective, smartBridges has appointed Beyonics Technology Ltd as its contract manufacturer. With a world-class manufacturing facility, Beyonics is dedicated to delivering high quality products and services to customers. With a dedicated team of people and an excellent continuous improvement programme, Beyonics represents a well-organized and best-of-the- class manufacturing facility. Beyonics is a recognized manufacturing partner for a number of global IT giants. Beyonics has three EMS plants located in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia with a total of 14 SMT lines and 5 box build lines and 10000 sq feet of SMT assembly area.

Production, planning and control are critical processes, which are carefully monitored and followed. From procurement to manufacturing to testing, every process is well documented and audited to confirm to the ISO 9002, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. The contract manufacturing services are vertically integrated and include printed circuit board assembly, testing, packing and distribution, manufacturing of plastics injection mould parts and precision stamping parts. The precision machining services include design and fabrication of tools, die casting and precision machining.

Key Benefits

      Quick ramp up of production volumes to support the increasing demand for smartBridges products.
      Certified and audited procedures for the following
                Quality system requirements
                Purchasing requirements
                Customer-supplied parts
                Parts identification and tracing
                Process control requirements
                Product inspection and testing
                Handling, storage, and delivery
                Internal quality audit requirements
                Training requirements
                Servicing requirements
                Statistical techniques

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