Who are we

Today ACE is an engineering service, distributor and system integrator company. We offer a comprehensive range of technical services and products for suppliers and operators of telecommunication system. We also provide Supervision, Installation & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of the GSM systems. Our related GSM products range from power splitters, connectors, indoor & outdoor antenna, to sophisticated signal booster and repeater. We are also providing full turnkey solution for In-building coverage.

In 2003, we strived out to be a content provider sharing the vision of being global leader, specialize in mobile based applications, mobile games and contents development. One of our achieved goals was to provide fast reliable and high quality software in games and applications and to satisfy the growing business needs in this entertainment market. Also to inject a new era of an exciting lifestyle experience to most of the mobile users. We developed a comprehensive range of interactive entertainment products and services for content aggregators and operators of telecommunication system. We provided both innovative and interactive entertaining contents with various value-added services such as interesting ringtones, unique graphics and data and news information.

Our secondary support services include software tools for Radio Network Planning, and Capacity Planning.

In this business core, we strongly understand the importance of customers’ business needs and our commitment to their requirement by achieving the highest quality and efficiency products within a given time frame. We diligently work with our customers to provide an overall effective package of our services at the best fit to their business needs.

ACE has the most well-efficient, high energetic, motivated and experienced engineers in the field of telecommunications. Our engineers have strong technical skills and knowledges, accumulative years of practical work experiences in telecommunication industry and have been plentifully involved in the implementation, operation & maintenance and deployment of numerous wireless and mobile communication projects and services.

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